Friday, March 23, 2012

Ashalim: ART IV

This week, we learned about Ernst and the process of frottage, where textured objects are placed beneath paper and used to represent an image. Once again, I was very impressed by the gorgeous results!:

Warming up with leaf rubbings

More leaves

We checked out materials at hand and then planned our landscapes.

We used all different textures to represent the things we wanted.

The final products in one moadonit!

The kids at the second moadonit practice with leaves.

Focusing on the subject of the composition...
Adding to the negative space, or background, and remembering all we've learned about line, texture, space, and composition. The finished product? Dazzling. And all created by a nine year old girl.

Do you see the faint leaf print fish in the background? When I asked him about why he didn't make them darker, he said they were in the distance, so he kept them lighter. I was so excited about his grasp of perspective! We used different textures to create the illusion of moving water, scales, and seaweed.

Close up of the finished board in the second moadonit.
This week and last week's work. The kids were very excited and so was I!

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